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Scan2x not recognizing scanner





Why is Scan2x not recognizing my scanner?

If a TWAIN driver can be detected, but one is having trouble connecting to a scanner, the administrator can click the Launch Twacker button from the Scanners Manager tab.

Twacker is a TWAIN application, which allows the administrator to exercise features of a TWAIN driver, and is used in order to understand how a driver is working or to identify potential problems.

Why is Scan2x not recognizing my scanner in 64-bit even though the driver is 64-Bit?

“Older” scanners are not compatible with 64 bit applications even though they have 64-bit drivers. These drivers are for 64-bit Windows Operating Systems but not to be used by 64-bit applications


Why cannot I see the 64bit TWAIN driver when using the 32bit Scan2x application?

This is due to a limitation from TWAIN drivers:

If you run a 32bit application, it will only see the 32bit TWAIN driver.

If you run a 64bit application, it will only see the 64bit TWAIN driver.



For more information about Installation, please look at the Installation tab in the Scan2x Handbook.





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