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Authenticating With Scan2x





Authenticating with Scan2x


To begin using Scan2x, you will be presented with the screen below and must identify yourself by entering the pin number pre-assigned to you by the administrator or presenting your RFID contactless card. This will give you access to the specific jobs you are authorized to do. Different users could have access to different tasks depending on your work requirements.


After clicking the buttons on the touchscreen to make up your pin number, you can then either select the green, check-marked button in the bottom-right corner to enter it, or the red, X-marked button in the bottom-left corner to cancel the number and start over. On entering the correct PIN number, the next screen will pop up showing the variety of jobs you have access to.


If, for any reason, you would like to request a new pin number, click the "Request new PIN" button on the bottom. If authorized by the administrator a window will pop up asking for confirmation and stating the e-mail address the new pin will be sent to. Either click the green button to enter and confirm, or the red button to cancel the request. Clicking the green button will generate yet another window confirming that the new pin Number will be sent to the e-mail address. This PIN will be generated automatically, and you can access it from the mail Inbox.


It is also possible to authenticate using a USB RFID reader. To use this method of authentication, present your card to the RFID reader that your system administrator will have placed next to the Scan2x unit. If the card serial number is registered in the Scan2x user database, login will be automatic, and you will not be prompted for a PIN. Remember to keep your card safe, as anyone who presents this card to Scan2x, and scans will be scanning documents into your system under your username.




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