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Scan2x Online Admin's Guide





Scan2x Online Admin's Guide


The Online Interface - A Walkthrough

Scan2x now has the capability to handle a hybrid system for web on-premise and cloud infrastructure. This makes the scanning process easier for big departments who have different levels of internal security on their network.


When using Scan2x Online, administrators will not have the ability to configure jobs. Thus, a Scan2x Windows (on-premise) licence is required for administrators to create, edit and/or delete scan groups and jobs from their environment.


There are three ways in which to access Scan2x Online:

1.Accessing Scan2x Online through CWC (Cloud Workspace Collaboration).

2.Accessing Scan2x Online through the Scan2x Online Portal.

3.Accessing Scan2x Online via an On-Premises server (Scan2x Web Access Server).


Please Note:

The sub topics of the Scan2x Online Admin's Guide that are NOT in a folder of CWC. Scan2x Web Access Server or Scan2x Online Portal, mean that these sub-topics are common across all three Scan2x Online platforms.

The sub-topics within the folders (CWC. Scan2x Web Access Server or Scan2x Online Portal) will be unique to that particular Scan2x Online platform.




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