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Can metadata be passed on to other jobs in a workflow?



Yes, this can be done.

The metadata field must have the same name in all of the jobs where the administrator wants the information to be. 

As shown in the video example below, I have two jobs: Amount and Client.


1. Amount job

I have a document template added and I also have the Amount metadata field that is being OCR'd from the document.

The output settings for this job is No Output since the documents will be transferred to the Client job.

2. Client job

The job is Not Active (since I only want to see the Amount job), there is a document template and I have two metadata fields: Amount and Client.

I am using OCR to get the information for the Client metadata field but I have NO OCR for the Amount metadata field as this will be information received from the Amount job.

The filename is formatted as '[Client]_[Amount]' so you will be able to see that the Amount metadata field information from the first job has been retrieved.


To link these two jobs together, I created a workflow, naming the Starting Job as Amount and the End Job as Client.


Once this is done, one can see the results when the job has been run.


For more information, please look at the Job Workflows Tab in the Scan2x Handbook.






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