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Common Metadata





What is Common Metadata?


Common Metadata is a functionality that allows metadata that is common throughout documents to be populated with the push of a button.


To demonstrate this, in the below example, the goal is to manually fill in the batch number of the documents scanned.


In Jobs Manager, in the Metadata tab, a metadata field called Batch with a 'Custom' Default Type is created.


When the scan job is run, the Batch metadata field appears empty, as seen in the image below.



On the top-left of the screen, click on the tab called Common Metadata. Here, a list of the metadata fields of that scan job will appear.

Fill in the batch number manually and once ready, click the Apply Common Metadata Values button.



Once clicked, Scan2x applies the batch number inputted into the Batch metadata field for all of the documents that can be seen in the scan preview screen.

This tool can be very useful for users who scan 100+ documents to a scan job at once.







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