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Cannot open database "Scan2x" requested by the login.





Scan2x Error - Cannot open database "Scan2x" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user '.....'.


The following error occurs due to the fact that the Windows or SQL user that is being used to connect Scan2x to the database does not have enough permissions to access the database.


(Errors from left to right: Scan2x Error, SSMS Error when trying to login with user)


Another way one can test if it is a permissions issue is to run SSMS in Administrator mode and try and login with the SQL credentials used - if you do not receive the above SSMS error, then it is definitely a permissions issue.


In order to correct this, please follow the below steps:


Part 1 - SSMS

Login to SSMS

Open the Security folder

Right-click on the Logins folder and create a new login

Insert a login name for the new user, select SQL Server authentication, enter a password and untick the Enforce password policy checkbox.


In the status tab, make sure that login is enabled for the user and then click OK.


Then, right-click on the instance (first item in the list)

Go to the Permissions tab

From the table, select the user which is being used to connect Scan2x to the database and once the user is selected, tick all of the permissions under the Grant column in the below table, and click OK.


After you click OK, disconnect from the instance and try and connect again using the new user credentials to make sure login is working.


Part 2 - Scan2x

Once login is confirmed to be working, login to Scan2x using an administrative user.

Click on the Admin Panel button.


Click on the Connection Settings button.



Select the MS SQL tab and for the Authentication field select SQL Authentication and input the new user username and password. Then, click Save.






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