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How to update your Scan2x to Scan2x Beta





How to update your Scan2x to Scan2x Beta


Scan2x Beta is a version of Scan2x where we release updates frequently with bug fixes and new features which may not be fully tested. One should only enroll in Scan2x Beta if you wish to always have the latest updates or if there is a bug fix you require that has not yet been pushed to Scan2x live.


To update your Scan2x to Scan2x Beta, follow the steps below:

1.Login to Scan2x with an administrative user

2.From the home screen, click on Admin Panel


3.From the Admin Panel, select the Local Settings tab


4.From the Local Settings tab, tick the Enroll in Beta Program checkbox


5.Click Apply Changes


6.Once Apply Changes has been clicked, Scan2x will initiate an update. Once updated, your Scan2x application will now show the word Beta near the Scan2x version.





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