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How to upload a Scan2x offline licence file





How to update a Scan2x offline licence


In order to update a Scan2x offline licence (i.e., a Scan2x licence that is working without being connected to the internet), you would need to send an email to Avantech Support ( and give them the following details:


1.Scan2x licence key (Admin Panel -> Licence tab -> Serial Number)

2.Host name of the device (whether a PC or a server)

3.Scan2x activation code (Admin Panel -> Licence tab -> Activate/Change Licence -> Activation code)


Please note: if you have a Scan2x Web Access Server licence (i.e., Scan2x that is installed on an on-premise server), Avantech Support will need the above information from the Scan2x application that has been installed on the server.


Once the above information has been passed on to Avantech Support, we will send you an offline licence file (.lic).


Once you receive the offline licence file, you will need to:

Login to Scan2x

Click on the Admin Panel button

Navigate to the Licence tab

Click on the Activate/Change Licence button

Upload the offline licence file (.lic) in the section 'Activate via Licence File for the above Activation Code'.


The Scan2x offline licence would then be uploaded and updated accordingly.




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