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Choosing A Scan Job





Choosing a scan job


Once you access Scan2x by entering your PIN number, you will be presented with a window like the one below. Here, you will be able to choose several options according to the jobs you are authorized to do.


A side panel on the left will display the time, a "Home/Reload" button that enables you to refresh the page or go back to the home page, and a "Power Off" button.


The main window will display the Username, in the top left corner, together with a Logout button to terminate your session. Below this is a grey panel which displays icons of different sorting of scan jobs and groups which include default sorting, alphabetical sorting, recently used and most used. One can also search for the name of the scan group or job from the Filter search bar. There are also icons of the scanners connected to Scan2x and one which allows you to import a document from a PDF.


These buttons are pre-programmed. Multiple scanners can be connected to Scan2x, and you could have the option to click on any scanner of your choice according to the job you need to perform. A specific job, on the other hand, might not necessarily give you access to all the buttons in the display and might revert to a particular scanner when you try to choose an alternative, thus requiring you to use one particular scanner as opposed to another. This ensures there is no room for error and moves job responsibility to the administrator.


Once the scanner is selected, you can choose a job from the options in the window on the right-hand side. The options can be various and can include different destinations depending on how they are pre-configured and whether they are authorized. Some of the options may, or may not include Scan to Email, Scan to Folders, ID card or Passport scanning or simply, a job that is related, specifically, to your work, e.g., scanning invoices which automatically get sent to a folder or destination.


You may also have the option to scan in batches, feeding the scanner multiple pages at a time. These will go through the same pre-configured process. 


If you are not scanning a document but importing it from a different source, then you will need to click the "Import from PDF/Image" button. If you are authorized to do so, the window will change to display the folder that the PDF may be selected from. The display may show many existing folders or just one, depending upon how the job has been configured by the administrator.




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