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Scanning Digital Documents





Importing of Multiple Digital Documents


It is possible to select one or multiple PDF's, Excel sheets, Powerpoint presentations, Word documents, Email .MSG files, existing .HTML filles, or images from a folder.


It is possible to select one file or more from a folder. The PDF selection screen is reproduced below:


The left-hand side of the screen shows all the folders available to you. The middle section shows folders and individual PDF files.

If you need to select one PDF file, select it and click the Import Selected button – this will import the single PDF you have selected.


Use the black buttons to move documents back and forth between the middle selection window and the right-hand list of selected PDFs.

The functions of the black buttons are listed below:

Click this button to move the file highlighted in the middle file list into the list of selected documents on the right-hand side.

Click this button to de-select a file highlighted in the list of selected documents on the right-hand side. The file will be removed from the list of selected files – it will NOT be deleted from the folder in which it resides.


The Up and Down buttons allow for the re-arranging of the order of PDF documents in the selected PDFs list, to ensure that the documents are processed by Scan2x in the right order.


Use these buttons to move ALL documents in a folder into the selected PDFs list or move ALL the files out of the selected PDFs list.


Once PDFs are chosen and placed into the selected PDFs list, they can be imported by clicking the Import Selected button.




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