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Logging in to Scan2x Online





Logging in to Scan2x Online

To log in to Scan2x Online, your administrator will have issued you with a username and PIN or linked your Scan2x login to that of your Office365 organisation.


Scan2x local user login

If you have been given a username, please enter it in the screen below by using your keyboard. If you have a touchscreen monitor, you may also use the onscreen keyboard. Once you press <Enter> or press the green button you will be prompted for your PIN number. Enter the PIN and Scan2x Online will progress to the home page.


Office365 Single Sign On

If your administrator has linked Scan2x Online to your corporate address, you will have received an invitation by email. Clicking on the Accept link in that email will have given Scan2x notice of your eligibility to access the system.  For this, please just click the blue "Login with Single Sign On (Azure AD)" link. You will be automatically logged in.






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