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Scan2x Online Classic





Scan2x Online Classic


The user must first login to Scan2x Online by inputting their Username or by logging in with Azure AD as shown in the screenshot below.




Once logged in, the user is directed to the following page.



Once the New Document button is clicked, the following page will appear.



Here, the user is able to view groups and jobs that apply to their job role.

As can be seen on the left of the screen, the user is also able to:

Go to Home page / Reload the Home page.

Add new documents.

View if there are any pending jobs in the Pending Queue (as shown below).



Install Scan Tools.

This button is used to download the necessary drivers so that the user is able to scan documents.

For more information, please see the Installing of Scan Tools tab.



User Management

As can be seen in the screenshot below, when this tab is clicked on, one will be able to see a list of users showing their username, email address, and what level of user permissions they have.

For more information, please see the User Management Online tab.


Register Card.
For more information, please see the Card Registration tab.



At the top of the screen near the user's email address is the settings button. Once clicked, the system will show the following screenshot.

Two tabs can be seen by administrators: the Tenant Settings and the User Settings. Users will only be able to see User Settings tab.

For more information, please refer to the User Settings tab. 





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