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Installation for different Scan2x versions


Scan2x software comes in various forms for use on different platforms. 


Kiosk Mode (MS Windows 10)

Primarily for transactional scanning, Scan2x running in kiosk mode allows users to walk up and authenticate with the device on which the software is running, scan a document batch, view the result and metadata, and save. Users get immediate feedback about document metadata, and saved documents are put into a queue for transmission to the destination. 


For PCs being installed as Scan2x kiosks, the software is installed locally on the PC.

For installations involving network scanners, multifunctional devices or Scan2x running in browsers, the software is installed and hosted on one or more central Windows Servers.


Web Mode (MS Windows Server 2016 or later)

Used when running Scan2x on Canon ScanFront 400 network scanners or Canon imageRUNNER Adv multifunctional devices, or when needing to use Scan2x in a browser environment. This mode installs under Internet Information Services (IIS) on a server and provides a website that runs in the above-mentioned Canon equipment and in Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers.


When using Scan2x in a browser, it is possible to scan from USB-connected TWAIN scanners from within a Windows environment only. This is because a small tool (downloadable from the Scan2x web interface) is required to enable the browser to communicate with the scanner, and this is currently only available for Windows.


Users of Mac, UNIX and tablet environments can use the Scan2x web interface for processing of scans via PDF or existing scans in their queue but are currently unable to create new scans from TWAIN sources.


Workload Server Mode (MS Windows Server 2016 or later)

Used when documents are received as PDFs from third-party systems. Scan2x can take documents as input from multiple watched folders, processing these on the server and showing the processing in user queues. To run in Workload Server mode, the software is installed and hosted on one or more central Windows Servers.




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