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Scan2x Windows (on-premise)





Scan2x installed on PC – kiosk mode


Scan2x software is a Windows WPF application, and requires a PC with the following minimum spec:

4-core Intel processor or better


500GB SSD hard disk

1GBit network card

Touchscreen interface (if software is to be used in touchscreen mode)

USB ports running USB-2 or better

Scan2x for Windows software installation

Scan2x application comes with a complete Windows Installer to guide you through the entire process of installation and initial configuration. 


To commence the installation, launch the process by double-clicking the AvantechScan2x.msi file and follow the install wizard below, clicking on the Next button at each stage:




Review the licence agreement and press Next to continue.



Review the default installation folder. Press the Browse button to edit this and press Next to continue.



Install by pressing the Next button.





The installation process will show a progress bar as it goes through its steps. The following screen will appear on completion.



Make sure the .NET Framework is updated. If you do not do this at this stage, you will later be asked by Scan2x to update the .NET Framework when Scan2x will show that updates are available after installation is complete.


Scan2x requires the use of a database engine to maintain its records. In a network environment in which more than one Scan2x unit is envisaged, it makes sense to use a network-wide database server. This is so that all Scan2xs on the network will benefit from centralized settings and activity logging.

For single-Scan2x installations, a local instance running on the Scan2x PC is enough.


Open the Scan2x application, either the 32-bit or 64-bit application, from the file path C:\Program Files (x86)\Scan2x\.

We recommend that you run the Scan2x application as an administrator - this can be done by highlighting the app, right-clicking and selecting 'Run as administrator', or this can be set by highlighting the app, right-clicking and selecting Properties, go on the Compatibility tab and at the bottom tick the 'Run this program as an administrator' checkbox, click 'Apply', click 'OK' and run the application.


When Scan2x launches for the first time it will check for the existence of Microsoft SQL Server on the PC. If an instance is found it will prompt this in the Server dropdown. If an instance is not found, you can click the 'Install Local Instance of Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition' button to install a free version of Microsoft SQL Express. Select this local installation option if installing a trial version or a single-Scan2x system.  For installations in which multiple Scan2x units on the same network are required, it is recommended that a central SQL server is used to host the Scan2x database.


Initially the following screen will indicate that the Scan2x system has not been activated and that it hasn’t yet been able to locate the SQL server hosting the configuration database.



Select the tab for the MS SQL or Oracle database server and enter the relevant details. If you have Microsoft SQL Express installed and you do not see the instance in the Server dropdown, open the SSMS application and copy the Server Name, and paste it in the Server section of Scan2x.



If you do not have a central database server for multiple Scan2x installations, you can select to download and install a local version of Microsoft SQL Express by clicking button highlighted in the red box, as illustrated in the above screenshot. The software will begin to download SQL Server from the Microsoft site. Microsoft SQL Express is installed as a separate process before continuing with the configuration of Scan2x. For more information, please see the SQL Express & SSMS Installation tab.
If you experience any troubles connecting your SQL Express and SSMS to Scan2x, please see the following FAQ.


Once SQL Express & SSMS have been installed, you can authenticate by using SQL Server Authentication (we recommend inputting the user 'sa') or Windows Authentication, as seen in the screenshots below.
If you do not see the instance in the Server dropdown, open the SSMS application and copy the Server Name, and paste it in the Server section of Scan2x.



If Scan2x is not found in the database on the server instance, Scan2x will ask if it can create its database. Click Yes.


The following screen will then appear. Input your Username, Email and PIN.



Register for a new Trial licence or input your existing Licence key and Authentication key.


If you wish, you can install our Scan2x Start-up Demo Jobs as an introduction to the basic functionality that Scan2x can do.



Scan2x may ask you to install updates, as shown in the screenshot below.



Once the updates have been installed, input your Username and PIN to login.



You can now get started, use and explore Scan2x.






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