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Kiosk mode

Users are given a multitude of quick and easy ways of authenticating with Scan2x. Following authentication, the job buttons presented to each user are only those to which they have been given security access by the administrator.


Wherever the destination, scans are always created with username + scan date as properties. This is true for folder destinations, email or DMS systems as destinations.


When jobs are configured to save scans as PDF to a folder, each PDF can have all file metadata stored as XML or CSV files to ensure metadata preservation.


Workload Server mode

When Scan2x is running in Workload Server mode the user does not have the opportunity to authenticate with Scan2x in any way, as everything runs on the server. Scan2x Workload Server uses the Active Directory file owner property to determine the user that wrote the file to the watched folder and uses this ID when processing the job and placing it in the queue.




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