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The Scan2x concept





General Concepts


Scan2x is an all-in-one scanning solution, designed to streamline and automate the process of capturing paper documents into digital storage at the earliest time possible during a business process (as opposed to after the business process is finalized).


Scan2x allows for the creation of fully user-customisable scan job buttons by administrators, thereby relieving users of decisions involving scanner settings, image destination, indexing, compliance and document validity. The system is designed for use in a standalone or networked capacity, on premise or running in private or public Cloud environments.


The software is designed to be an entry point for the onboarding of all types of paper documentation into your digital archive. By automating all but the most basic of decisions, Scan2x allows users to concentrate on the business process at hand. Furthermore, Scan2x is often able to make a positive contribution to business processes by utilising information present on the documents being scanned to perform checks and queries, or to trigger events.


Available in installed, web-based and Cloud versions, Scan2x allows users to interact with it in several ways in order to fit in to their business processes as seamlessly as possible. By making it possible for users to access the corporate document capture solution from as many devices as possible, we heavily decrease users’ learning curve and drastically increase consistency and efficiency.










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