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Digital Signing Tab





Digital Signing Tab


Digital Signing is a new feature of Scan2x whereby a document can be digitally signed upon saving. Any tenants wanting to make use of Circularo would need to apply for a tenant license with Circularo. Users would have a portal where they can create user accounts for users, and users would be able to configure their signature. The signature will then be automatically added to the bottom-right corner of the first page of the scanned document once the document is saved.


To configure digital signing with Circularo:

Circularo tenant settings need to be configured in the Admin Panel.
If you are using a trial subscription of Circularo, please input 'default' as the Tenant ID.


User settings need to be configured in the User Settings tab. These settings are the specific user's username and password.
Scan2x Online

          Scan2x Windows 


The job needs to be configured to Digitally sign within the Advanced Scan Settings tab of the Scan2x Job Manager.




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