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File Verifier functionality





File Verifier - Confirmation of file authenticity


 In sensitive or high-security installations, it is sometimes necessary to be able to verify that a past document originally created by the Scan2x system has not since been changed, altered or tampered with in any way.


Scan2x handles this requirement by recording an encrypted hash (or checksum) of the file contents, together with all the relevant data for the file including any index data collected, before sending it to the destination as set up in the job button. This allows for the subsequent submission of this same file back to Scan2x later for verification - the file hash value is recalculated and compared with Scan2x's records of past scans.


Only if a file is identical is a correct match returned, and Scan2x File Verifier then displays all the data that was recorded at the time the documents were originally scanned. This data includes index data, date and time of scanning, Scan2x unit and user identification data.




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