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Why are my documents not merging in the queue of Scan2x Online?


If you are trying to merge a document which forms part of an ADR or Job Automation job with another document, and one of the documents displays the error 'Saving Error', you will not be able to merge this document.


This is because the 'Saving Error' means, in the context of ADR and Job Automation jobs, that the document needs to be assigned to a particular job since Scan2x has failed to identify which job it should be assigned to. This could be due to poor document quality, or due to the splitting condition for a particular job being missing from that document.


In order to be able to merge this document, you will first need to click the 'View and Edit' button and choose which particular ADR job that document should be assigned to from the panel near the metadata on the right-hand side of the scan preview screen. Once the document has been assigned to a job, you will be able to merge that document.




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