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Limit Import File Path





Does the 'limit import file path' option not work on Scan2x Web?


It works on Scan2x Online On-Premise but not on Scan2x Online Cloud.


Anything that deals with files, directories etc, does work in On-Premise. However, if Scan2x Online is running on your VM/server and you would like to save files into your own PC, then your PC needs to be open and accessible to the VM or the use of mapped drives can do the trick. The use of mapped drives is where your PC has access to a drive which is also accessible by other PCs on the network and also the Scan2x Online VM.


To conclude, if the VM is on a network, and you give the VM access to specific folders over the network, anything related to default/local files and directories will work as it works from Scan2x Windows.




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