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Generating a manual update for Scan2x





How do I generate a manual update for Scan2x?


Manually generating an update for Scan2x, whether it is the Windows application or Online, occurs when there is no internet connection on your machine.


Creating the dtServerFileList.xml -  you will need to follow the following process in order to produce the dtServerFileList.xml which would then need to be sent to our support -

1.Go to Scan2x folder;

2.Right-click on SCLFileListBuilder.exe;

3.Run as Administrator;

4.Wait for the list to be compiled;

5.Close the application;

6.You should now have a file called dtServerFileList.xml.


Once our support receives the dtServerFileList.xml file, we will generate the manual update, zip it and send it back to you.


Then, you will need to unzip the folder, and in normal scenarios, copy and paste the contents of the folder onto the installed Scan2x path (such as in ProgramFiles).


However, sometimes due to security reasons on a user's PC, the files are "blocked" and require unblocking, as seen in the screenshot below.



In order to combat this, please use the following powershell script that can be found here - 


Once the zip file has been downloaded, you will need to extract the file. A single text file will be found.



In the text file, C:\Users\AvaAdmin\Scan2xUpdate needs to be changed with the path of the update folder, which would have been downloaded and extracted in an initial step.


Once this is done, run Windows Powershell in Admin Mode and run the script within the program, and the files will be unblocked.. 


If the files are copied and pasted onto the desired location from then onwards, the manual update will work - since the files are no longer blocked.




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