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How to turn on Debug Mode





How to turn on Debug Mode


Debug Log is used in order to collect more technical information about Scan2x's processes when support is assisting to solve an issue.
For more information on how to send support the debug logs extracted, kindly see the Debug Logs tab.


Scan2x Windows application

In order to turn on Debug Mode, the user must:

1. Click on the blue ? button in the top-right corner of the Scan2x screen.


2. Once clicked, a modal will open. Click Debug Mode OFF and once clicked the button will show as Debug Mode ON.


3. Once Debug Mode has been switched on, the user can close the modal and try to recreate their issue again.

Please note the blue ? button can be accessed before the user logs in to Scan2x and also from the Home Screen once the user has logged in to Scan2x.


Scan2x Web

To turn on Debug Mode for Scan2x Web, one must:

1. Access the Scan2x Server Dashboard (http://localhost:9009 or http://serverIP:9009)


2. From the General Settings section, tick the Scan2x Debug Mode checkbox.


3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and from the Logging Settings section, make sure all Logging Verbosity options are ticked.


4. Click the Save Settings button found at the bottom of the page.





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