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Cloud Workspace Collaboration





Cloud Workspace Collaboration


Cloud Workspace Collaboration (CWC) is a combined document workflow solution offered by Canon, and of which Scan2xOnline forms part. The system is Cloud-based and hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, in the Western Europe region.


CWC consists of a central Portal through which users gain access to the system via a Single-SignOn trust mechanism with their own Active Directory setup. Internal CWC users can also be set up if Active Directory integration is not desired.  Once a user has gained access to the system, they have a choice between accessing the Document Capture functionality (fulfilled by Scan2x) and the Document Repository (fulfilled by Canon's Therefore DMS system). User authentication between the two major applications is handled automatically by the CWC Portal.


Device Licences

CWC can be purchased to run on Canon imageRunner multifunctional devices, the Canon ScanFront 400 network scanner and for TWAIN-compliant scanning devices. A licence is required for each device and is charged for at a monthly rate. Each device licence includes ten Therefore concurrent user licences and 10GB of storage space.


Queue Manager Licences

Queue Manager Licences allow a user to work from their browser on their desktop to access their scan queue. From the scan queue, users can:

Edit metadata

Save or delete files

Start new scans

For Scans, they will be able to make use of either an Unlimited Device Licence or a Page Limited Scan licence to upload digital files or scan using a USB-TWAIN Scanner or Networked i-sensys device.

With each CWC device licence, 5 Queue Manager licences are included as well as 50,000 scanned or uploaded pages per annum. Queue Manager Licences can also be purchased separately and would then be charged for at a monthly rate.


Document Capture (Scan2x)

The diagram below shows the different flavours of Document Capture licences available for Scan2x within CWC. It is possible to increase the number of Capture device licences and Queue Manager licences without adding the cost of additional Therefore DMS users, if this is required.


Kindly consult your local Canon office for more information on CWC.





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