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Network fault tolerance





Offline Mode – Network Fault Tolerance


Scan2x software is designed to work in a network environment but can also allow users to continue scanning in a seamless manner when there is temporary loss of connectivity. When network connectivity is lost (e.g., a switch/router failure, loss of WAN links to head office, etc) Scan2x will queue any scans made until the connection becomes available once more. Also, by caching server-side settings locally it is possible for Scan2x to continue with the process of authenticating users etc while offline.


Operational complications can arise when offline when a scanning job is being run containing metadata fields normally populated automatically via a database query or webservice call.  In this case, database calls or webservice calls will fail due to a lack of network connectivity.


Scan2x handles this by allowing the user to save the document to the queue in draft mode. This has the benefit of allowing users to continue with their process while at the same time holding the document in a processing queue until network connectivity is restored. The user will be informed via email that the document has remained pending if a specific time period has elapsed – this time is configurable by the administrator.


This feature is not available with Cloud SaaS applications of Scan2x.






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