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Follow-me scanning





Follow-Me Scanning functionality


Document classification is not always a straightforward process for the user. Metadata to be saved with the document may need to include information that is not immediately available at the time of scanning, or it may not be convenient to type it in on the screen of an MFD or network scanner. For this reason, Scan2x has introduced the Follow-Me Scanning feature.

In the context of Scan2x, metadata can be described as being data about the document. Please refer to the Metadata Tab for more information.


Follow-Me Scanning is included as a standard with Scan2x and allows users to physically scan a document on one device (e.g., a MFD or scanner) and then re-visit the scan on a PC or laptop to enter and/or confirm metadata before completing the scan by pressing Save.


Queue Manager licences to access user’s Scan Queues


With Scan2x it is possible to capture a document image and return to it later in order to complete metadata entries or to check for document admissibility with external applications.


This feature can also be used to facilitate metadata selection or entry when the device being used does not lend itself well to complex data entry. For example, documents can be captured using a network-enabled scanner – scanned documents are placed into the Scan Queue for that user, and they can then use their laptop to access the queue and complete the metadata entry, thereby making use of the larger laptop screen and keyboard.




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