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Viewing queued documents





Viewing queued documents


When a user is operating a hybrid system (i.e., on-premise and cloud infrastructure), one has the ability to view and upload their online queue when connected to a cloud tenant. The uploading of a scan queue to the online queue happens automatically. The online queue also auto-updates every 30 seconds while the window is open.


Once a document is scanned or uploaded, the scan preview will appear in the Pending Queue tab, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

In the case below, the scan preview shows up in green as the document has finished processing.

If it is red, that means that there is an error as indicated by the Error box on the top-right of the screen.

If it is blue, that means that the document is still being processed as indicated by the Processing box on the top-right of the screen.

The white box at the top-right of the screen indicates the number of All the documents in the Pending Queue.


One can see the relevant information by clicking 'Preview Metadata' in the box near the document preview.


The user has the option to Save, Save & Scan, Discard, or View / Edit the document.



If no document has been scanned or uploaded, the Pending Queue tab will be empty, and will redirect the user back to the Home Page.


Pending Queue buttons


When a batch of documents is scanned, the user will see the following buttons near the box where the User's Name is shown, as seen in the screenshot below.



The following buttons (from left to right) mean:

Tick box - ticks all the documents in the queue or batch.

User: - the user's name

Merge documents - the documents needing to be merged would need to be ticked from the individual check boxes in the coloured header of the document box.

Save documents

Discard documents

Restart processing - this will restart the processing for all of the documents in the batch.

View Common Metadata





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