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Scan2x Online Licences


Device Licences 

Device licences are meant to target iR, SF400 and TWAIN devices, and scan through the web interface - this means that a licence is required for each device running Scan2x. A user can scan, preview, edit metadata and save scans directly from the UI of the device. Users can also send their scans from the MFD to a queue for later review in a browser - this is faster, more convenient, and more comfortable than working at an MFD with a small screen and no keyboard.


Each device licence comes with two Queue Manager Licences for this purpose - these are concurrent licences allowing anyone with permission to log into their Scan2x queue from their laptop/desktop device to view documents they scanned on the iR/SF400/TWAIN devices. From their browser they can see their previews, edit metadata, and save their scans exactly like they can on the device.



Scan2x Online Base licence

This licence is essential for any client who wishes to use the Scan2x Online service. This licence has no charge and is automatically created with the first device licence. This licence will create a customer’s tenant profile where the following licences can be applied.


Scan2x Online Embedded Device licence

This licence offers the Scan2x Online system embedded in multi-functional devices such as the imageRunner Advance or the ScanFront 400. One will also receive two Queue Manager licences free of charge.


Scan2x Online PC Device licence

This licence offers the Scan2x Online system on an end-user’s PC for them to be able to use USB multi-functional devices with the Scan2x Online website. One will also receive two Queue Manager licences free of charge.


Queue Manager Licences

Scan2x Online Queue Manager licence

This licence offers one Scan2x Queue Manager licence for users, in addition to any complimentary Queue Manager licences, to be able to check their individual scan queues, preview scanned documents and update metadata if necessary. These licences are concurrent and not tied to one particular user. They are also a one-off purchase, and a yearly maintenance fee is charged.


Volume Licences

Scan2x Online Auto Scan Volume licence

This licence offers clients various product options which are dependent on the number of documents automatically scanned in a month, which will be accessible on Scan2x Online. Clients may order multiple volume licences, either of different amounts (for e.g. 1,000 page licence and 10,000 page licence) or the same amount (for e.g. two 1,000 page licences).


Freeform Invoice Service

Freeform Invoice Service Subscription offers the user to process and scan multiple invoices with different structures with one scan job button. Thus, the user no longer has to create a scan job for every document template. Freeform Invoice Service uses artificial intelligence to collect information from the invoice without having to create OCR zones during the job configuration process.

When a user subscribes to this service, they will choose an annual amount of invoices for Scan2x to process.

This subscription is billed annually.




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