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Queue Management and Queue Admins





Queue Management and Queue Admins


The role of a Queue Admin involves having the ability to monitor and manage (such as edit or update) what other users in the environment are processing, scans that have incurred any errors, or shows successful scans that have already been processed.


Queue Management

In order to see other users' queues, the Queue Admin must click on Pending Queue button from the left-hand side of the screen.
Once clicked, the following page will appear.

The Queue Admin will then have the ability to choose which user's queue they would like to view from the dropdown arrow in the red box shown in the screenshot below.


Once clicked, the Queue Admin would see a dropdown list with all of their fellow users.


For example, if the Queue Admin chose another user, they would see something like the screenshot below.


NOTE: If the Queue Admin decides to change/edit a user's queue item without saving it, the draft of the same queue item will appear in the Queue Admin's queue.




If the administrator does not want to give queue access to everyone, there is the option to set a manager for users from the User Management tab.

Once a person is made a manager of other users, the manager would be able to view the queues of those specific users.

Pending Queue buttons


When a batch of documents is scanned, the user will see the following buttons near the box where the User's Name is shown, as seen in the screenshot below.



The following buttons (from left to right) mean:

Tick box - ticks all the documents in the queue or batch.

User: - the user's name

Merge documents - the documents needing to be merged would need to be ticked from the individual check boxes in the coloured header of the document box.

Save documents

Discard documents

Restart processing - this will restart the processing for all of the documents in the batch.

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