User Settings Tab


Using the controls on this tab, the user has the option to localise the Scan2x Online interface into their own language and create a new pin.


They are also able to create an alias for themselves. This is useful when the Scan2x Online authentication method is to require users to log in separately - that is, not using a Single Sign On mechanism such as Microsoft Active Directory or uniFlow. By creating a short and convenient alias, users will not have to type in a log email address on the device screen but can use their shorter alias instead.


The user has the option to unlink their account from multifunctional devices if required, can customise the timezone in which they are working, and click the 'Reload Server Settings' button to refresh the server in cases, such as, where jobs have been updated.


The options under Scanning Settings allows the user to choose their preferred mode of scanning. Whether this is 'Scan and Send'; allows users to scan a document with a MFD, like a scanner, and the processed scan will show in the user's scan queue on their device (computer), or 'Scan and Edit'; allows users to upload a document from their device (computer) and view a scan preview and document metadata on the screen of the device, or both. The user can also choose what screen to be shown after Drag & Drop / Uploading a File to a job; this can either be the Pending Queue or to the New Document screen where the scan jobs are shown.




Users are also able to customise the default settings for Notifications as set up by the Administrator. Any settings made here are only applicable to the logged in user.






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