Tenant Settings tab


The Tenant Settings tab is only visible and accessible if you are logged in as an Administrator in Scan2x. This tab allows you to make various tenant-wide settings that will affect everyone working within the Scan2x environment, and it is split into a number of sections:


Tenant-Based Settings


Select Timezone: This dropdown allows you to specify the default timezone for all users in the tenant. Users may customise this for their own convenience, but the setting you make here will be the default.


Allow usage of device licence for non-admins: Scan2x Online is able to allow users of the Scan2x Windows-based configuration tool to scan documents via a USB scanner by utilising a Scan2x Online device licence. By default, this is only allowed by Scan2x administrators, however this can be overridden by using these settings.


Scanning Options: This allows the administrator to set the preferred Scanning Settings for the tenant. Whether this is 'Scan and Send'; allows users to scan a document with a MFD, like a scanner, and the processed scan will show in the user's scan queue on their device (computer), or 'Scan and Edit'; allows users to upload a document from their device (computer) and view a scan preview and document metadata on the screen of the device, or both. The 'Redirect After Drag & Drop / File Upload' options allows the administrator to choose which page to direct the user to after uploading a document by Drag & Drop or by File Upload.




Scan2x Online can send user notifications by email when a document that has been scanned is (a) waiting in the Draft queue or (b) is in an Error state following processing by the server.

Whether or not users receive these notifications is governed by the settings of the two checkboxes.  To ensure users don't receive unnecessary notifications, a delay can be configured - this ensures that only documents that remain in a notification state for more than the delay specified will trigger a notification. It is also possible to have Scan2x Online resend notifications if documents remain in a notification state within a users' queue. Finally, by indicating the organisation's working days and hours, you can ensure that users do not get notifications during weekends and at night.



Together with (or instead of) document notifications, it is possible for Scan2x Online to send a daily report to users of any documents that remain in the queue. This report comes in the form of an email, and this email can also be customised using the Notification Body Template Builder below.




Mobile Settings

The administrator can configure settings for the Scan2x Mobile application that will act as default settings for users who connect to the same tenant and choose to use Tenant Settings from the Settings tab in the Mobile app.

For more information, please see the Settings tab of the Scan2x Mobile Guide.


General Options

Load jobs page on launch - When the user logs in, the Jobs List will be shown to the user instead of the Main Menu. The Main Menu will no longer be shown.

Enable "save draft" option

Allow user to add multiple documents in a scan job

After scan has been saved and uploaded, go to: Main Menu, New Scan or Online Queue


Document Capture Options

Device Camera

iDRS SmartCapture

Upload Local Files


Allow user to override the below settings

Load jobs page on launch

Screen to go to after scan has been uploaded






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