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SSL Certificate Setup





SSL Certificate Setup


ScanFront Administrator Tool Installation

1. Download the Administration tool from the following link here. 

Before downloading, the website will ask you for the ScanFront 400 serial number, this is located back of the device starting with two alphabetical letters and a sequence of numerical values.

N.B – The link itself also has information which will assist you in updating the ScanFront 400 firmware.

Once the zip folder has been downloaded to your machine, unzip the folder, run the .exe file and select an adequate directory to extract the files.

A process will start to extract the required files to build the setup. Once the whole process is done open the folder and locate the Administrator tool setup (Root Directory \SF400 AdministrationTool Ver.1.x\SFAdministrationTool) N.B (X represents the version number canon has released).

Within this folder a setup.exe is found, double click on the executable file and follow the instructions of the Canon Installer Setup.

2.  Navigate to the ScanFront 400 Administration Tool – It would usually be installed in the directory you assigned through the setup, else you can check at C:\Program Files

(x86)\Canon Electronics\SFAdministrationToolForSF400


How to add a ScanFront Device to the Administrator Tool


At the top ribbon, click on the Edit Tab.



Then continue to click on “Add”.



Insert the IP Address of the ScanFront 400 in the column “IP Address / Device Name” and click on “OK”



Once the ScanFront 400 has been added, select on the checkbox next to your newly added device and then click on “Check the Connection” to make sure that the connection is available.



You would notice that the information on the same row is updated with information related to the device.


How to add the Security Certificate onto the device


Firstly, please download the security certificates from the following link -

Once the zip has been downloaded, unzip the file and you will see the two certificates as shown in the screenshot below.


The two certificates that will be added are a “Web Application Certificate” because they will target a web-based application that is setup on the device.

Click on the Processing Tab – Make sure the device has the checkbox next to the IP addresses selected.



Remember you will need to import two Security Certificates.

Select the “Import the Server Certificate…”, then from the child dropdown select the “Web Application Certificate...”



Select one of the two certificates that was provided to you from the file dialog shown on your desktop and click on “Open” from within the dialog.


Once the button is clicked the following pop dialog is displayed – Click on OK.





 Once the execution is complete – The ScanFront will reboot. Repeat the above process for the second security certificate.

After importing the second security certificate, the ScanFront400 will reboot if necessary. However, Success/Failure is indicated by the pop up (as shown in the screenshot above) and not by rebooting.

Once the two certificates have been imported successfully, the device will now register and support websites in https based on the certificate that has been applied.





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