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Document Scanning





Document Scanning


Many office processes work with paper documents at some point, and these paper documents are usually filed away at the end of the process for audit, legal or future retrieval purposes. The rising popularity of digital document storage driven by EU GDPR legislation, cost-cutting, efficiency drives, and the rising cost of office space has resulted in more and more paper documents being converted to digital for storage by scanning.


The advantages of digitizing documents are not limited solely to the cost of office space; these also include: 

Simultaneous document sharing.

Documents are retrievable from anywhere at any time.

Full-text search within document content.

Greater security, auditability & control.

Higher compliance standards.

The above advantages all reinforce the argument that digitization is essential to any business. These will be some of the reasons that you have invested in Scan2x. 


To ensure that your organization gets the most from its investment in Scan2x, it is essential that you design your scanning process to integrate as closely as possible within the daily process of the user. By scanning a document as part of the user’s process, Scan2x can make your document add value to the process. Let us consider a couple of examples:


Automatic document indexing

Setting up Scan2x to automatically extract information increases efficiency and saves time for users during the scanning process. It also ensures that documents of a specific type are always saved in the same location regardless of who is scanning, and this pays huge dividends later during retrieval.


Index information can be gathered by Scan2x from the incoming page in several different ways, depending upon your Scan2x licence variant:


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Automatic recognition of printed text

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

Automatic recognition of handwritten text

Barcodes, QR Codes          

Interpretation of machine-readable marks

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)          

Interpretation of human marks (e.g., check boxes, etc)


Each of these technologies allow you to configure Scan2x to automate your data capture process.


Scanning of ID Cards, Passports

Scan2x is able to take a scan of an ICAO-standard national identity card or passport and interpret the Machine Readable Zone (or MRZ) within the document. Besides the obvious advantage of securely capturing all this information about the document holder, Scan2x can also display warnings if it detects that the document is invalid or expired and can also check corporate blacklists.


Scanning of documents with Scan2x is as simple as the process can possibly get: walk up and authenticate, scan and walk away. The more the scanning process can be automated, the quicker and simpler it will be and the easier it will be to integrate the scanning process into your users' standard workflow.




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