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Scanning individual documents





Scanning Individual Documents


When images are received from the scanner in a single-document job, they are displayed in an interface as shown below:



A thumbnail image of each page in the document is shown in the first column on the left, and by default the first page of the document is displayed. It is possible to cycle through each page by clicking on the required thumbnail or using the arrow buttons at the bottom left of the screen.


The right-hand column on screen shows a series of buttons and the document metadata underneath. Depending on the metadata requirements in the job setup, the user may be prompted to enter any index data that:

has been set as mandatory by the administrators.

has not been able to be identified through other automated means (e.g., OCR, OMR, web service call, etc).


In the second column on the left of the screen, the Advanced Tools section allow for the adjustment and rotation of the page being viewed. You can also zoom in and out to read a specific part of the document text by drawing a box around the required area with a mouse or your finger.


Hand Tool

Allows users to use the cursor as a regular mouse pointer.

Crop Page

Allows users to use the cursor to crop the page of a document.

Select OCR

Allows users to draw a rectangle that will be OCR'd into a selected metadata field.

Zoom In

Allows users to zoom in into a page of a document.

Zoom Out

Allows users to zoom out into a page of a document.

Zoom Reset

Allows users to go back to the default zoom level.

Fit Width

Allows users to fit a page of a document by its width on the screen.

Fit Page

Allows users to fit all four corners of a page of a document on the screen.


Allows users to switch between multi-page, single-page, and grid views.

-90 degrees

Allows users to rotate the document page 90 degrees anti-clockwise.

180 degrees

Allows the user to rotate the document page 180 degrees

90 degrees

Allows users to rotate the document page 90 degrees clockwise.

Move Up

If there are multiple pages, this allows user to move up to a page of the document.

Move Down

If there are multiple pages, this allows user to move down to a page of the document.

Delete Page

Allows users to delete a page of a document.



Tick boxes are placed alongside every thumbnail in the scan preview screen. These tick boxes allow for the selection of multiple pages against which to run the Advanced Tools functions described above. For example, if you need to rotate pages 1, 3 & 5 it is possible to select these three pages and then press the Rotate button once.


Scan2x can also be used to scan multiple documents of the same type. By defining a way in which Scan2x can detect when one document ends and the other starts, Scan2x can receive multiple documents from a scanner in one batch and split them into individual documents. 


When scanning jobs in which Document Splitting is enabled, the document display shows a list of documents in the batch on the far left together with the metadata for each of the documents.


If the metadata is verified by Scan2x as being correct, it is displayed in green. If however some requirement in any of the document metadata fails a check, all the metadata for that document will be displayed in red.






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