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Creating Tickets





Creating Tickets

In order to create a ticket, the user will need to click the green + button in the ribbon that is highlighted in the image below or click the Create New Task button that is shown in the home screen..


Once clicked, the user will see the following screen.



Refers to the status of the ticket once created - by default this will be set as New Task. As the ticket is being dealt with, the status of the ticket may change to status' such as Awaiting Feedback, In Progress or Solved.



Refers to the urgency of the ticket. By default the priority is set to Normal, however if you have an urgent issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible, then one would set the priority to High.



Write a one-liner of what the ticket is about.


Task Type

Refers to what type of ticket you have created. For example, you could create a ticket that is a Bug Report, a New Feature Request, a Question, or a Suggestion.



Refers to the client the ticket is for. This is pre-populated depending on your account.



Refers to the project the ticket is about such as Scan2x Windows or Scan2x Online.


Description Box

Here is where the user would describe the, for e.g., issue that is occurring and add additional details such as Scan2x licence key, Scan2x version, steps on how to recreate the issue, screenshots, videos, etc.



Allows the users to upload attachments such as zip files, images, videos, Scan2x job exports, etc.



Once you have finished, this button allows you to submit the ticket.


Submit & Create New

This button allows you to submit the ticket and create a new ticket straight after.



This button allows you to cancel the ticket you were going to create.


Add follower/s

If you would like any other colleagues to be notified when the ticket is commented upon or updated, you can add their email address as a follower with the following button.



Once you have created your ticket, the following screen will appear showing the details of the ticket created.


Once Avantech support has seen your ticket and replied, the following will appear in your mailbox and on Task Manager.



The status of the task has changed to Awaiting Feedback showing the user that Avantech support is waiting for your reply.




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