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Document Zones of Interest





Document Zoning


Scan2x allows for the definition of Zones within a job button definition.


Zones can be used at scanning time for two functions:


1. Zones can be used to determine metadata by testing whether the zone is empty.

For example, by defining a zone over the “Signature” area of a contract or invoice document, it will be possible to automatically determine at scan time whether the document being scanned has been signed or not. This is done by using the Zone_IsClear property.


2. It is also possible to use a Document Zone in order to send a document - or a portion of a document - to multiple destinations in one scan operation. By defining a Zone in one job and setting it to be sent to another job (by choosing the destination job from a dropdown list), the content of the zone is evaluated at scan time and passed to the second job automatically.

Further information can be found in the Administrator's Guide under the Document Zones tab.




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