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Getting Help





Getting help


If an administrator or user is having difficulty in a certain tab, they can click the blue Help button in this screenshot below.

The blue button offers context sensitive help, relative to the part of the program you are in.




The Help screen is in the admin module and is accessed by tapping or clicking on the Help/About option on the left-hand side of the module. See screenshot below.


The TeamViewer Support button is where you can launch the inbuilt TeamViewer support system.

More about this in the Administrator's Guide in the Help/About Tab TeamViewer section.


See also the Troubleshooting Tab in the Administrator's Guide.


The Start-up Demo Pack button allows you to download and import a demo set of job buttons – these will be automatically installed onto the home page of Scan2x and serve to demonstrate how some of the features of Scan2x can be utilized.

You are also able to download a demo set of documents in PDF form – once printed out, these documents can be used to work with the demo job buttons and serve to help you work with the demo job buttons.

You are also able to download a document in PDF form that serves as a run-through of the demo – this can be used as an explanation of what each demo job button is designed to demonstrate and will also provide a full set of instructions when running a demo for others.








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