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Sharepoint™ Tab







This Tab is only visible and used when saving scanned documents directly into Microsoft Sharepoint™ or Office365™ systems. If you do not intend to use Sharepoint™, please leave these settings blank.


The Sharepoint™ Tab is used to enter the Sharepoint™ user created especially for Scan2x to access. Scan2x uses these credentials for all aspects of its communication with Sharepoint™.
For more information, please look at the Sharepoint™ Online OAuth Intergration with Scan2x Tab.


The credentials of the user created for Scan2x must include the following:

-“View” permission for all folders and categories that you wish to appear in the drop-down menus at configuration time.

-"Read-Write" access to those categories into which you expect users to save documents.


At no time are users ever granted access to Sharepoint™ via Scan2x – the above credentials are used only during job configuration and when saving scanned jobs.







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