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Users List Button





Users List Button



The Users List Button allows administrators to view Scan2x users, add new ones, delete existing ones and set Admin rights. 


Scan2x users can be of two types:

Internal Scan2x users

Internal Scan2x users are added from this screen by Administrators, together with their status: Admins or not Admins. There is no limit to the amount of Scan2x users that can be added.

Internal users can also be added to into groups from the Local Groups tab.


Scan2x users that originated from Active Directory (only in the case where Active Directory (AD) integration has been enabled – see the Active Directory Tab under the Administrator's Guide for more information).

Active Directory users are added automatically by Scan2x, and administrators can set whether each user should have Admin rights to Scan2x network.


In this tab and when connected to a Windows or Azure Active Directory, an Admin can specify which AD Groups users are allowed to log into the system.


It is also possible for users to authenticate using a USB RFID reader, as shown below.

To use this method of authentication, plug an RFID reader into a USB port of the PC on which Scan2x software is running and scan the user’s card instead of typing his username.

If the card serial number is registered in Scan2x user database, login will be automatic, and the user will not be prompted for a PIN.





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