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Scanners Manager





Scanners Manager


The scanners module shows a list of scanners that have been connected to Scan2x unit.

Each scanner can be assigned a Custom Name to facilitate the choice of scanner for users.

For example, a small scanner like a Canon DR-C230 used for scanning of bank cheques can be given a custom name called “CHEQUE SCANNER”.

It will then be the custom name that will appear on the home screen when that scanner is connected.



When the Detected Scanner Devices button is clicked, the following screen will appear.
Here, administrators will be able to see if any TWAIN Drivers can be detected.


If a TWAIN driver can be detected, but one is having trouble connecting to a scanner, the administrator can click the Launch Twacker button. Twacker is a TWAIN application, which allows the administrator to exercise features of a TWAIN driver and is used in order to understand how a driver is working or to identify potential problems.






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