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Output Queue





Output Queue


At the bottom left of the main Scan2x screen is a button labelled Scan Jobs Queue. This button is visible to all, even when no-one is logged in to Scan2x.

When pressed, this button displays the Scan Jobs Queue, a list of all scans that have been completed but are still undergoing background processing or are still in the process of being saved to their final destinations.


Normally, this queue will be empty, but there are several reasons why scan jobs will be visible here:


-Large documents that have been set to Full OCR. If a document with many pages has been set to Full OCR, Scan2x will process each page in the background, converting each page to text as it goes. This can take time on documents of 50 pages or more, or documents with finely spaced text.


-Network connection to the destination. Scan2x is designed to be very fault-tolerant of its connection to networks. If a document is destined to a network location, a webservice or FTP server on the internet, it will continue to function normally in the event of a network outage. Obviously, until network connectivity is restored, documents will wait in the local Scan2x queue.


-Low network bandwidth. If Scan2x is set to save documents to a service for which there is low network bandwidth (for example, a cloud-based document repository) then it may take some time for large documents to be transferred. This will not cause any technical difficulties with Scan2x as this process takes place completely in the background and will not affect users.


-Some form of error occurred when processing or delivering the document.





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