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Importing & Exporting





Importing & Exporting          


Jobs and Groups

The Jobs Manager includes the functionality to Import and Export.


From within the main Job Manager screen, click the Import Job button to create a Job using an existing S2X file.


Click the Export Job button to create a file export of a Job configuration – this is especially useful if you wish to send a Job configuration to the Avantech team for advice or support on configurations. The function creates a .S2X file representing all the settings, templates, zones etc for the Job.


From within a Group definition, click the Export Group button to export the group and all the buttons and groups within it. The function creates a .S2X file.


In order to export a workflow, one must:

1.Click the Export button in the top right corner of the Jobs Manager screen.

2.Select which workflow you would like to export. The function creates a .S2X file.
You also have the option of including the jobs connected with the workflow or just exporting the workflow itself.

3.Choose where to save the exported workflow on your device and click Save.

Please see the video below for a visual example.

In order to import a workflow sent to you by a colleague (or by Avantech Software support)., one must:

1.Select the workflow from your device.

2.Scan2x will then show you the name of the workflow on the right hand side, and any groups or jobs that are with it on the left hand side.
You can also decide whether you would like to save the groups/jobs shown on the home page or in another existing group.

3.Click Import Selected and the workflow and any groups/jobs along with it will save accordingly.

Please see the video below for a visual example.






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