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Jobs Manager





Jobs Manager


The Jobs manager will allow the administrator to manage the settings for each job that the end user will ultimately use. The administrator may generate new jobs or remove them, allocate jobs to certain users, choose pathways and destinations for scanned documents, create values for the metadata and manage all the settings; from how the document should be scanned to the extraction and processing of the information to how it's stored and where.


The screenshot below shows the Job List with some scan job groups configured in it. Each job button on the users’ screen equates to one item in the Job List.

Jobs can be inserted into groups, by using the “Add new Group” button at top left.

Groups will be presented on the users’ screen as a group of buttons, and jobs in the above list will also be shown grouped. Clicking on the group in the list will expand it to show the jobs configured within it. Groups may be nested.

Each job or group can be edited by pressing the blue “Edit” button at far left of that item in the list. By pressing the edit button, you enter the Job Edit screens as shown in the following pages.







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