Scan to Web Service



The Scan to Web Service function allows Scan2x to access and write a document to a web service. This industry-standard protocol allows for communication between Scan2x and virtually any platform over both internal and external networks. Scan2x expects the web service to return a boolean value, indicating a successful receipt of the document. This value can be 'True', 'False', 1, 0. Following the boolean value, it is possible to include a message that will be displayed to the user on the Scan2x interface. This can be used, for example, to display an explanation of why a document can be saved.


By entering the Webservice URL into the field above, Scan2x can access the web service definition to populate the Function dropdown.


The Fill Metadata from the value of a QR Code on the 1st page of the scanned document checkbox enables specific functionality that quickly and automatically fills all document metadata from a QR Code on the first page, if the structure of the data matches the metadata definition exactly.


This enables very quick, easy and secure scanning of documents into their destination as: 

(a) The user is not required to check anything as QR Codes include security checksums to ensure they are correctly read.

(b) Ensures with 100% certainty that if a document does not have a valid QR Code, that the resulting scan will not be processed.



The webservice Test Area tab allows for test parameters to be entered within the Test Parameters text box for transmission to the webservice by pressing the Execute button.

The return result from the webservice (if any) is displayed in the text box to the right of the Execute button.

This functionality ensures that an administrator can test the communication between Scan2x and the webservice on the fly.




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