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Freeform Invoice Service





Freeform Invoice Service


Scan2x Freeform is a Scan2x service that uses a Cloud-based intelligent system to automatically extract details from invoices scanned into Scan2x. Invoice data can be extracted at two levels - Header Only, or Full Line-Item extraction. 


Header Only invoice extraction

In this mode, the Freeform service will identify the invoice supplier name, tax (VAT) number, invoice number and purchase order reference, document total and tax (VAT) details, and any IBAN numbers specified on the document. These values can be linked into Metadata fields.


Full Line Item extraction

In this mode, the Scan2x Freeform service will capture all the data listed in the Header Only mode above and will also capture the line items of each invoice. The line items will be presented in a Scan2x table metadata field type.

On some occasions Freeform service may give an alternative result for some of the fields (e.g.,. it might find 2 invoice numbers so it will give 2 invoice numbers in return).

In these cases, the entries that have these 'Alternative' results will be shown as drop down lists.




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