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SQL & SSMS Installation





SQL & SSMS Installation


Please find a simple step by step guide on the installation of SQL Express and SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio).
For more information about SQL Express, please click the following link:
For more information about SSMS, please click the following link:


1.Install SQL Express - click Custom Install - Kindly make sure that the Authentication is set to "Mixed Mode" and not Windows Authentication

2.Install SSMS

3.Install Scan2x.msi

4.Go into SSMS with windows authentication

Change password of the login 'sa' ( Located in Security -> Logins)

Disconnect and login with 'sa' to confirm it works (Make sure that the SA user has grant permissions to use SQL Authentication).

5.Load Scan2x and login, go to Admin Panel, click on the Web Installer Setup tab, and click Launch new installation Wizard button.
Then one clicks either the Standard or Custom download.




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