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Scan2x Web Access Server and/or Scan2x Hybrid Installation





Scan2x Web Access Server and/or Scan2x Hybrid Installation


For Scan2x to run on devices such as a browser, Canon ScanFront 400, and Canon imageRUNNER Adv (Gen3, DX) multifunctional devices, the solution must be installed on one or more servers accessible by the device over a network. The server will host the Scan2x software as a website.


Please Note: Scan2x Web is not compatible with a domain controller server.


Scan2x has an automated installation wizard that handles a default installation of all the required components and can also handle a limited amount of customization of the installation process to be able to cater for the specific infrastructural requirements of organizations.  We also have included a description of the manual installation process for those who require granular control of the server installation process.


For Scan2x Hybrid - Important Note

In order for the online queue in the new Scan2x Onilne interface to work and be accessible, the default URL used - http://localhost:4200 - is listed within the Azure Portal. It is recommended that clients use that port and specific URL to host the new Scan2x Online site on. If you would like to use https, or change the port or change the site name, for e.g., https://scan2x:8080, you will need to inform us by email ( in order to add the new URL accordingly.


Server component prerequisites
Before initiating the Scan2x Web Access Server installation, ensure that the following software is installed on your machine:

Scan2x Windows Edition

A Web or Cloud licence


4-core Intel processor or better


500GB SSD hard disk

1GBit network card

On Windows IIS Server

o.Net Framework 4.8+ Advanced Services

ASP.Net 4.5+

oInternet Information Services

Web Management Tools

IIS 6 Management Compatibility

oIIS 6 Metabase and IIS 6 configuration compatibility

oIIS 6 WMI Compatibility

IIS Management Console

IIS Management Scripts and Tools

IIS Management Service

World Wide Web Services

Application Development Features

o.Net Extensibility 3.5

o.Net Extensibility 4.5+

oApplication Initialization


oASP.Net 3.5

oASP.Net 4.5+

oISAPI Extensions

oISAPI Filters

Common HTTP Features

oDefault Document

oHTTP Errors

oHTTP Redirection

oStatic Content


oDigest Authentication

oRequest Filtering

Please note that if the OS is a Server version, there may be some of the features which may be named differently. Web Server would be one of the features that need to be enabled.


On Windows client browser PC

It is necessary to install a component on each PC that needs to scan via a browser using Scan2x. This component is what allows Scan2x to access TWAIN-compliant USB scanners and only needs to be installed once. This component can be downloaded from the Scan2x webpage at bottom left.


This can be installed manually on every PC or can be pushed from a central admin location via Active Directory Group Policy.

Kindly refer to your Active Directory documentation for details on how to push software installations via Group Policy.

Note: SQL Express and SSMS are both needed before downloading Scan2x. Please see the SQL & SSMS Installation tab.

Server Installation

The server installation commences with the installation of Scan2x on the server PC. The initial installation will install the PC version of the software, and this is necessary for both the installation of the web components and the administration of the Scan2x configuration going forward.


Start the process of applying the Web licence by clicking on the “Admin Panel” on the left-hand side menu:




Click the Licences tab, click the Activate/Change License button, and insert the web licence key.






Click on “Activate” to apply the new / existing web licence.


Click On “Apply Changes” at the top left of the Admin Panel screen.


Once the key is activated, close the Admin Panel and the Application will return to the Main Window.


Click on “Check For Updates” for the web environment to download. This button is located at the bottom left of the Main Window.


Once the updates have been downloaded – Click on the Admin Panel and click on the Web Installer Setup tab.
Note: The below pop up will appear - please make sure to click the Yes/Tick button in order to restart Scan2x in 64bit Administrator Mode to guarantee a successful installation.





For a new web installation click on “Launch new installation Wizard button.


If you are updating to a new version, click on “Update to latest version”. Before clicking for a new update make sure that the tabs above the button (Client Name, Client Root Path, and Client Full Path) have the required information as the update will not be started.


The Application will restart, and the user will have to navigate back to the Admin Panel and click on “Web Installer Setup” to continue with the Web Installation.


Once the Launch Wizard button is clicked, the system will prompt to select either “Standard Installation”, “Custom Installation” or "Remove Installation".  The “Standard Installation” option will install the default settings whilst the “Custom Installation” option will provide a step-by-step guide for a custom installation.
These two options are further explained in the following tabs: Standard Installation & Custom Installation.

The "Remove Installation" button is an option in the case that:

Something goes wrong with the installation

The administrator wishes to remove the server from one environment and move it another one.

The Install New Scan Web Client checkbox if ticked will install both the classic and the new Scan2x Online interface.







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