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Job Automation Groups & Workflows





Job Automation Groups & Workflows


Jobs automation groups have no direct output, so they cannot trigger workflow events.


In order to have a workflow from one job automation group to another, you must have a workflow for each sub job of your first job automation group.



We have two job automation groups with their respective sub jobs:


oClient 1

oClient 2


oLess than 1000

oMore than 1000


For each of the Amount's and Clients' sub jobs, the name of the client and the total amount is collected as metadata from the document.


The Clients job automation group first splits the documents according to the different client names as seen in the Jobs Matching tab.


A workflow for each of the Clients' sub jobs (i.e., Client 1 and Client 2) are created.


In the case of the Client 1 workflow, this workflow tells Scan2x that if the total is less than 1000, send the document to the Less than 1000 sub job of the Amount job automation group.

If the total is more than 1000, Scan2x will send the document to the More than 1000 sub job of the Amount job automation group.
The same applies for the Client 2 workflow, but instead, the starting job of the workflow is Client 2.


When the documents are passed on to the respective sub jobs in the Amount job automation group, the documents are then processed and saved in their specified output destination.


A demonstration of this workflow in action can be seen in the video below.





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