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Scan Job Groups





Scan Group Definition



A Scan Group in Scan2x can be configured to achieve one of two tasks, as outlined below: 


A Folder.  In this mode, the group acts as a container for buttons. Using folders, buttons can be grouped into logical sets by department, geography or some other grouping relevant to the business. Security can be set on the group in order to hide it from specific sets of users.


Job Automation. In this mode, the group appears to the user as a normal scan job button and is used to trigger document recognition.

Document recognition can function in three ways:

1.Matching of documents using splitting rules.

2.Matching of documents using image, or fingerprint, matching.

3.A combination of 1 & 2 above.


For more information, please see the Automatic Document Recognition (ADR) Tab.



Groups can also be used to cascade job scan settings and common metadata fields to scan jobs within the group:


Scan Settings cascading

If the group has Job Automation or Automatic Document Recognition applied, scan settings applied at group level will be inherited by the jobs within that group.


Metadata Fields cascading

Metadata fields set at group level are cascaded down to jobs contained within the group. This has the effect of enabling the passing of metadata from one job to another when used as part of a workflow, or when one job is called from another using Document Zone functionality.




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