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Scan2x MEAP App





Scan2x MEAP App


Log In

To log in, you need use your Scan2x username and password (ideally the first login is done by a user who is a member of the Scan2x Admin Group).




After the login is successful, the Scan2x application will download all the jobs/buttons that the user has access to (based on the user’s permissions), and after a couple of seconds it will start to download and save all the related data for all the jobs the logged-in user requires.


If the jobs have not finished downloading, and Therefore™ authorization has not happened, the labels will be in a greyed out font as shown in the image below.


The Scan2x application will change the labels automatically once everything is downloaded and the buttons are ready to be used.


Default Job Screen

In this screen, the user will see all the jobs which they have access to.

Username Label: Indicates the username of the user logged into the device. After login, this changes to the Scan2x username.

Email label: Indicates the user’s email.

Show pending uploads: Indicates how many jobs are still uploading. Clicking on this button will open the Pending Jobs panel.

Logout button: This button which logs out the user is only visible when the Scan2x app is running without automatic user login (this is the case if the iR device is running without login security).

Auto Logout timer: This shows the remaining time before automatically logging out the user due to inactivity. This is reset with every user interaction with the device.

Group Icon: This indicates to the user that this is a group of jobs. It will not start a scan job but will show a list of scan job buttons.

Job Image: Image configured for the job button (customised in Scan2x).

Job Name label: Show’s the name of the scan job. When a job is fully downloaded and ready to use the font colour is black, otherwise the font colour is greyed out.


Metadata Forms

When the scan job is configured with metadata, which can be filled in by a user and that metadata does not have a dependency on the system having already examined the document being scanned, the app will show the metadata form allowing the user to optionally fill in and save that information whilst the document is uploading.


However, these can also be filled in later on the user’s desktop by using the Scan2x web-based interface.


Pending Uploads

Shows the list of scans which are queuing to be uploaded, allowing the user to Pause or Delete individual uploads.



External Sources for Metadata fields

Depending on the Scan2x job configuration, some of the fields in the metadata form are connected to external data providers (such as Therefore™ or SQL Server). These fields allow the user to open another screen which will display the data from the external source for the user to select.



Select the appropriate row and this will be filled in on the metadata form.


The below screen is an example after the user has selected the data they want to use.



To continue, click on the “Continue” button.

The application will finish the scanning process and generate the document and send it to the server to be processed.






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