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Scan destinations





Document Destinations


Scan Jobs are defined in Scan2x with one destination. In cases where a scanned document is required to be sent to multiple destinations, Scan2x allows for the creation of Workflows, in which the output from one Scan Job can be used as the input for another job, or even used as data upon which to take a routing decision. More details can be found in the Administrator’s Guide under Job Workflows.


Choosing the output file format

It is possible to choose the file type required when saving a scan using a dropdown selection. The screenshot below illustrates where this dropdown selection control is on the screen: 





When scanning or importing documents, there are several destinations that can be pre-configured. These jobs will show up on the interface once the administrator accesses Scan2x. The administrator can choose which job to allow each specific user to have access to. Below is a list of destinations that can be selected.




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